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Introducing a development of 8 homes in the market town of Chipping Norton, expected to commence in 2024.

In a national first, Weavers Fold is a development of 2 and 3 bedroom zero carbon homes, offered at discount market sale, which will be custom built allowing buyers to have a primary input into the design and specification of their new home.

Vision for Weavers Fold

Located on the boundary of the historic market town of Chipping Norton, Weavers Fold draws its inspiration from the historical significance of the wool trade and tweed weaving industries when the landscape offered perfect grazing and rearing conditions for huge flocks of the famous Cotswold Lion sheep, often kept in pens known as sheepfolds.

In the video below, hear more from the enabling developer, West Oxfordshire District Council and the Cabinet Member for Housing and Social Welfare.

This exemplar scheme brings forward new custom build homes which will be zero carbon in operation. To help meet local housing needs, West Oxfordshire District Council has used Section 106 funds to allow these homes to be offered at a discount on market rates, for buyers who meet the eligibility criteria.

Weavers Fold Press Release Video


What is custom build?

The proposed custom build approach offers a unique home that can be configured and personalised to match buyers’ needs, lifestyle and design preferences. The approach offers primary input into the design and specification of the home compared to a conventional new build scheme whilst still being a hands-off approach compared to traditional self-build.

Each home starts with a base shape and specification plus external finish options, with a range of internal layout choices and fit out possibilities, which can be chosen as part of the sales and reservation process.

Zero Carbon Homes

Sustainability will be at the heart of the Weavers Fold project. Homes will be zero carbon in operation with renewable energy generated on site. The use of natural materials with low embodied energy, including sheep’s wool insulation, takes practices from the past to help inform the future.

The properties will use West Oxfordshire District Council’s recently launched Net Zero Carbon Toolkit, specifically the energy targets and key performance indicators for New Housing, to shape the design development and build solutions.


Community Space

Weavers Fold will incorporate amenity space, which could be used for leisure and recreation, education and learning, or community activities such as growing food and composting.

The planned provision of electric vehicle charge points and the potential for an electric car club will appeal to buyers wishing to play their part in addressing climate emergency.

Weavers Fold Sales

Initially, homes will be marketed to people from the West Oxfordshire District Council’s Custom and Self-Build Register.

For the latest updates and progress follow Weavers Fold social media channels.

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The homes will be offered to buyers who satisfy the West Oxfordshire District Council eligibility criteria, in terms of financial and residential status, to qualify for the discounted market sale pricing.

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